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Top eighteen things to do at Keyarts:

  1. Contribute to the body of knowledge by editing these pages to add information - click here to read the guidelines
  2. Get the latest news in arts education
  3. Research the regulations regarding arts education in Pennsylvania
  4. Find out what you need to become certified to teach dance, music, theatre or the visual arts in Pennsylvania
  5. Explore assessment resources, see 3 sample local arts assessment systems and get the workbook to develop your district's own assessment system
  6. Find resources and links for funding through grants
  7. Get advocacy tools and tips
  8. Find information about job openings
  9. Get information and resources pertaining to professional development
  10. Browse sample units of study written and peer reviewed by fellow educators
  11. Get information and resources about opportunities for students.
  12. Check out audio and video resources created at the summer Governor's Institute for Arts Educators
  13. Find links to resources on Pennsylvania artists (PA standard 9.2.H)
  14. Get resources for writing curriculum, including the Crosswalks curriculum guides
  15. Chat with fellow educators on the community pages
  16. Discover strategies for inclusive arts education for special learners
  17. Get information about teaching English Language Learners
  18. Find links to the national and state arts standards and the state assessment anchors in language arts, math and science

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  2. aesthetics
  3. assessment
  4. composition
  5. creativity
  6. cubism
  7. culture
  8. curriculum
  9. dance
  10. daruma
  11. david holsinger
  12. disabilities
  13. emotion
  14. expression
  15. find plays
  16. folk music
  17. food and art
  18. funding
  19. geometry in architecture
  20. geometry in art
  21. gifted learners
  22. governors institute
  23. grants
  24. haiku
  25. haiku poetry
  26. japan
  27. japanese
  28. japanese culture
  29. materials
  30. movement
  31. mozart math timeline
  32. music
  33. music composition
  34. musical expression
  35. naep
  36. narrative
  37. national standards
  38. new teachers
  39. news
  40. open source
  41. opera
  42. opera study guide
  43. orff
  44. origami
  45. paea advocacy toolkit
  46. painting
  47. pennsylvania
  48. pennsylvania artists
  49. pentatonic scale
  50. performance assessment
  51. philosophy
  52. picasso
  53. podcasts
  54. pop art
  55. portrait
  56. principles
  57. printmaking
  58. professional development
  59. realism
  60. regulations
  61. resources
  62. rhythm
  63. sakura
  64. sas
  65. scale
  66. scass
  67. self worth
  68. self-portrait
  69. shakuhachi
  70. simplicity
  71. special learners
  72. special needs
  73. state standards
  74. stonecutter
  75. storytelling through music
  76. students
  77. sumi-e
  78. summer programs
  79. teacher certification
  80. technology
  81. theater
  82. theater auditions
  83. theatre
  84. tips for writing grants
  85. tools
  86. traditional art
  87. traditions
  88. triptych
  89. two-dimensional
  90. units
  91. visual culture
  92. visual thirds
  93. vodcasts
  94. wabi sabi
  95. webinars
  96. whole child
  97. woodblock
  98. work skills
  99. writing about dance
  100. wu hsing

Important Links

Pennsylvania Department of Education
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Arts Education Collaborative
Arts Education Partnership
Americans for the Arts

Professional organizations:

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
(National Dance Association)
National Dance Education Organization
Pennsylvania State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
MENC: The National Association for Music Education
Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
American Alliance for Theatre and Education
Educational Theatre Association
National Art Education Association
Pennsylvania Art Education Association

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