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Hello! I found this link that I thought was very interesting.... it uses the environment to make a piece of Art appear differently than it would in another setting...Sculpture By the Sea:

Also, if anyone's interested in the merging of Science and Art, I would love to hear from you!

The Rand Group and Wallace Foundation put out a study in 2008 that may be useful to you. It is titled "Cultivating Demand for the Arts: Arts Learning, Arts Engagement, and State Arts Policy."

January is School Board Recognition Month. With school budgets starting this might be a great time to recognize your school board with a piece of art or a time to hang art for a school board meeting. You also might want to create and mail cards depicting your art students in action.


The Pennsylvania Art Education Association (PAEA) Advocacy Task Force recently released its Advocacy Toolkit in the form of a CD. This CD includes multiple resources that can be printed and used to advocate for Arts Education programs throughout Pennsylvania. The Toolkit is FREE to all PAEA members.
All Pennsylvania Art Education Association members: Be sure to contact your Region Representative to get a copy of your Advocacy Toolkit. (Don't know your Region Rep? Go to

Geometry In Art and Architecture

This connection is a no-brainer! Check out the links and have fun!

Suggested Link: Geometry In Art
Suggested Link: Geometry in Art and Architecture
Suggested Link: Geometry Through Art

Short Description Of The Correlation: The obvious visual connections between art and geometry are endless. Art and architecture provide the students with a look at possible real-world and decorative applications of geometric principles

Integration Flashpoints (Key Focal Elements) : Visual art and geometric patterns

from the Integrated Academics wiki