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Article from about the most famous Pennsylvania artists, with resources (aligns with PA standard 9.2.H - Identify, describe and analyze the work of Pennsylvania Artists in dance, music, theatre and visual arts.)

Information on the Young Audiences of Eastern Pennsylvania roster of teaching and performing artists is available at this website. Schedule visits from artists who can provide long-term in classroom residencies, assembly performances, or short workshops. Professional development opportunities in arts integration approaches through Arts for Learning resources are also available at this site, as well as resources for finding grants to bring artists into the schools and articles about the importance of providing arts education to children.


From the University of Pittsburgh, a site that outlines the history of Stephen Foster's life; includes resources

Visual Arts - Lessons from the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

This user friendly Visual Art Educator website provides reinforcement for studies in historical and contextual knowledge of Pennsylvania Visual Artists to strengthen PA Academic Standard 9.2.H.
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