Math Connections to Dance, Music, Theater and Visual Arts

From Nana-Pie, a math/music card game -

Geometry in Art and Architecture

This connection is a no-brainer! Check out the links and have fun!

Suggested Link: Geometry In Art
Suggested Link: Geometry in Art and Architecture
Suggested Link: Geometry Through Art

Short Description Of The Correlation: The obvious visual connections between art and geometry are endless. Art and architecture provide the students with a look at possible real-world and decorative applications of geometric principles

Integration Flashpoints (Key Focal Elements) : Visual art and geometric patterns

From the Integrated Academics wiki

Matheatre presents Calculus The Musical

from their website:

"A blend of sketch comedy, musical theatre and classroom lecture, MATHEATRE has created a performance piece to show that although calculus is used in rocket science, well…it isn’t exactly rocket science."

Now I've seen everything... well - maybe not!