Language Arts Connections to Dance, Music, Theater and the Visual Arts

Why do arts educators need to be concerned with teaching language arts?

From the Pennsylvania Code, Title 22, section 4.83 (click here for the full text):
"The language arts - Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening - are unique because they are processes that students use to learn and make sense of their world. Students do not read 'reading'; they read about history, science, mathematics and other content areas as well as about other topics for their interest and entertainment. Similarly, students do not write 'writing'; they use written words to express their knowledge and ideas and to inform or entertain others.

Because of the unique nature of the language arts, all teachers in the school will use the Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening standards. The standards define the skills and strategies employed by effective readers and writers; therefore, all teachers will assist their students in learning them through multiple classroom situations in all the subject areas."

Resources for integrating language arts strategies into the arts

The June 2009 Arts Chat webinar featured guest speaker Jo Beth McKee, Language Arts Education Advisor at PDE. She spoke about the revised standards in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and presented strategies for teachers to integrate language arts into the fine arts classroom. More information and a link to the recording can be found on the Arts Chat page.