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Audio resources created at the Governor's Institute for Arts Educators

Paste Painting

An audio file describing paste painting.

Water Lincoln, Mary Kay Everett

This is a podcast tying in the work Spoon River Anthology with the Lincoln legend, through his relationship with Ann Rutledge.
Water Lincoln - Mary Kay Everett

Video resources created at the Governor's Institute for Arts Educators

Ms. CAP's Art Room, lesson one

Ms. CAP's Art Room, lesson two

Dear Ann


Lincoln Memorial Dedication

Songs & Lyrics: Aesthetic Responses to Lincoln's Death

Abraham Lincoln: Walking in His Shoes

Podcast Advocacy Example - Mary K. Loyer

This podcast shares ideas used in our school district to encourage growth of a high school orchestra program. I chose the category Leadership because of the intense energy and drive needed to spark growth of strings on the high school level. I embedded clip art and photos of events throughout the year, 2006-7. Moreover, I shared the podcast with the high school principal and thanked him for the opportunity to attend the GIAE 2007.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game, 1908-2008, Mary Loyer

View this podcast to enjoy the familiar refrain of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", a tune representing America's national pastime. Listen for the rarely performed opening verse telling of Katie Casy and her dream to go to the baseball game...a classic tune that will be enjoyed forever!

Dixie vs. Dixie Chicks: Wartime Music of Lincoln and Bush, Linda Nickerson/Ginger Smith

A discussion of ideas and concepts between two music educators analyzing the music of Abraham Lincoln and George W. Bush presidentcies.

Dixie vs Dixie Chicks.mp3 -

How to Make a Geodesic Dome, Kris Fontes

Middle school students studied the architect and engineer, R. Buckminster Fuller and then created their own geodesic domes.

Nameless Girl - Dalene Wilkins

Podcasting Tools & Tips

Information from the Middle School Academy Podcasting Workshop presented On October 28, 2008 at ARIN I.U. 28