Special learners - Visual Arts

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Emotional Disturbance
Hearing Impairment
Intellectual Disability (Formerly Mental Retardation)
Mutiple Disabilities
Orthopedic Impairment
Specific Learning Disability
Speech or Language Impairment
Traumatic Brain Injury
Visual Impairment
Another Health Impairment

Visual Arts Introduction

This site has been designed as a tool for Visual Art educators everywhere and is a compilation of information gathered from numerous sources. It is the collaborative effort of Mr. William R. Pearce and Mrs. Mary Lou Dallam, and was built with the special learner and the Visual Art teacher in mind.

Special learners enter our classroom every day, and while we, the Arts educators are very passionate about sharing the world of Visual Art, all too often the special learners are overlooked or "worked around" purely because we are lacking in tools, knowledge and information about the child and their need.

It is hoped that this database serves as a reference tool for Art educators as we strive to have art touch the lives of "every" student in our schools.

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