In Pennsylvania, local school districts are responsible for developing written curriculum for each subject. The curriculum should be based on either state academic standards or local standards that are at least as rigorous as the state standards.

A new model framework for guiding curriculum writing was created as part of Pennsylvania's Standards-Aligned System. The SAS portal is now home to these frameworks; they can also be found in PDF form on this wiki's SAS page.


Crosswalks are guides which were developed in 2002 after the State Board of Education adopted the state standards. The Crosswalks are available for dance, music, theater and the visual arts to help educators implement standards, curriculum, instruction and assessment. Each document contains several sections:

  • Rationale for arts education
  • Information on the alignment of state and national arts standards
  • State standards outline and checklist
  • Examples of lessons and curricula (music, theater, visual arts only)
  • Assessment tools

Curriculum Resources

Rubric for a Quality Art Curriculum by Olivia Gude