About arts integration

What is integrated arts education?

From the Vermont Arts Council:
"Integrated arts education is a pedagogy in which the arts are deeply embedded within the core of interdisciplinary learning and [that] affirms the indispensability of arts as a core curriculum subject and concurrently a catalyst to learn other subjects."

In short, arts integration is the teaching and learning in math, language arts, science, social studies, etc. through the arts. A key characteristic of integrated arts education is that the students' knowledge of both the arts and the target subject are increased. While using dance, music, theatre and the visual arts as vehicles for learning is often employed in the non-arts classroom, it's rare that true arts integration occurs.

The educational philosophies of John Dewey and Maxine Greene have often been cited in the field of integrated arts education.

Resources for integrated arts education

The other side of the coin: integrating other subjects into the arts classroom

In Pennsylvania, all teachers are responsible for reinforcing reading, writing and math skills. You can find and share strategies for integrating language arts and math into the fine arts classroom on the Language arts connections and Math connections pages.

Integrated Academics Wiki Space

The integrated Academics wiki space exists as a support mechanism for the Academic Integration initiative at United Junior-Senior High School in Armagh, Pennsylvania. Teachers from anywhere are welcome to peruse, or add to the resources developed there. Please feel welcome to post your ideas, comments, and useful links. It is our hope that the space will help teachers find resources that will inspire students to connect their learning to real-world situations and applications. Go to Integrated Academics!